Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Priyanka Chopra Gets Trolled for Smoking With Her Mom and Husband

Priyanka Chopra Gets Trolled for Smoking With Her Mom and Husband:
Priyanka Chopra is the heroine of many Bollywood Great Films. From Shah Rukh-Salman to Ranbir Kapoor, he has appeared on screen with one hero at a time and has won the hearts of the viewers.

Not only his acting, but also his social work. He also does public awareness for ordinary people. But what happens when Priyanka herself makes a mistake!
A photo has recently gone viral via social media. Wherever it appears, Priyanka is smoking at a seaside. Sitting next to her, her mother and husband Nick pulling a cigar (tobacco). The heroine's followers are angry with this picture.

Last year, Priyanka said in a special video message in Deepavali, 'No sound' and 'No Smoke'. Even better is to stay out of bed. Because of this bet many problems arise. Particularly more severe for those who have shortness of breath. He gave his example as well.

This time, everyone is asking Priyanka with a picture of a cigar, playing cigarette and understand that there is no respiratory problem heroine! July 5 was Priyanka's birthday. Priyanka Chopra is celebrating her 3 year birthday. Birthday mother, sister Valli, the husband was spending time with her husband at sea. This time he was caught on the paparazzi's camera. The picture is now going on.